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Choosing the right school bag or backpack

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Choosing the right school bag or backpack

You know it’s time for back-to-school when supplies are flying off the shelves, and the school bags with all the latest features and styles are on display. With so much variety to choose from it can be easy to lose sight of what you need from your school bag so here are a few simple tips to help you pick the backpack that’s right for you.

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Finding The Right Backpack Size

The first step when shopping for a school bag is picking the right size. A larger bag may fit more supplies and gear, but if you fill it too much, it may lead to back pain and other issues. If it’s too small, you might not have enough room. The best thing to do is try the bag on and make sure it’s the right size, compliments your body shape, and feels comfortable.

Pockets And Features

Think of how much gear you plan to carry and whether specific pockets and features are necessary. If you have a laptop, you may want a backpack with an internal laptop sleeve. Some laptops are larger so you’ll want a bag that fits yours.

Having a laptop sleeve in the main pocket is great, but having an additional pocket on the front is even more practical. These pockets are great for storing small things like lip balm, house keys and USB sticks. Think of organization and functionality; look for features that will make your gear easy to find.

Some bags will have a side pocket or mesh side pouch to accommodate a bottle. Easily accessible water can be handy when you’re on the move.

Padded Straps And Back

If you’ve got a longer school commute, a comfortable backpack is necessary. Having padded straps and back padding helps to eliminate stress. The durability of the straps will dictate how much weight you can carry in the backpack. It’s better not to overpack, or you risk damaging the bag.

For additional support, some larger backpacks come equipped with waist straps. These can be handy if you are looking for extra support. They can also remove some of the weight on your back that causes slouching and bad posture.

Backpacks VS Shoulder Bags

Wearing a backpack isn’t ideal in warm weather and can be a hassle on busier commutes. Busy buses and metros are why some people prefer a messenger bag or shoulder-strap style bag. They can be easily removed and cause less build-up of sweat.

Although convenient, these bags don’t offer the best posture support. Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder all day long can put excessive strain on your shoulder and slightly shift your body’s balance. For some, this might be a good reason to choose two straps.

Pay Attention To The Small Details

When you’re in the shop browsing school backpacks, take a look at the zippers and the stitching on the bag. You want to make sure the zippers are going to be sturdy but also easy to open and close. For stitching, take a look at the spots where fabrics meet to ensure the quality is good and will not rip under too much weight.

Another important feature that you should look for on all backpacks is a buckle to adjust the length and tightness of the shoulder straps. See how easily they can be adjusted and how well they stay in place.

Colours And Patterns

This one is more subjective but is worth considering. It’s always fun to get a funky backpack that lets your personality shine through and sticks out in a crowd. Wild colours and crazy patterns are great on clothes because you can change them often. A backpack is more of an investment, so if your fashion choices tend to change quickly, maybe stick with something more neutral. You might also want to consider the fact that lighter colours get dirty more easily, so if you’re the type that likes a clean bag, or likes to get messy, we would suggest darker shades and colours.

How Is The Accessibility

If you’re bringing along your essentials, make sure the backpack opens wide enough to access them. Being able to grab your laptop without taking out all your books will save you a lot of time. In most cases, a top-loading backpack or a backpack with a full zipper gives easier accessibility.

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