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What’s in my Travel Bag?

Posted by Dominic Hoskins on
What’s in my Travel Bag?

Being a frequent and experienced traveler means being prepared. My travel bag is always equipped with necessities as well comfort items to make my trip a pleasurable one.

So what is in my travel bag? First of all, I must have a large travel bag while on my trips. I prefer large travel backpacks like this black Travel bag so that I can carry a large amount of items AND have easy access to them. The items in my travel bag include:

 1) A scarf and/or sweater and socks: One of my pet peeves with airplanes is how cold they always are! Even when I close the vent 95% of the time I am freezing throughout the flight. I have learned over the years to bring a scarf, a sweater and socks to make the flight more comfortable. Having socks can also provide extra comfort by allowing you to take off your shoes!

2) My Ipad with headphones: This is a must for my travel bag. Although I can listen to music on my Iphone, I prefer to save the battery to make calls or use for directions at my new destination. Also, I keep my Ipad in a case with a keyboard so this allows me to draft blog posts like this one on the plane. Listening to music also relaxes me, reduces the noise of loud people on the plane (including crying babies :-)) and dulls the noise of the plane engines. I will also carry ear plugs as an alternative for noise reduction. I am considering buying a pair of Beats by Dre headphones as featured in my holiday travel guide . In addition my fiancé loves his noise cancelling headphones.

3) Reading material: My Ipad is also great for reading. I have both the Kindle App and ibooks filled with novels. Occasionally I will also carry along a magazine (shhh sometimes a tabloid) or Essence or Food & Wine. Reading helps me past the time and it also puts me to sleep which also passes the time. So, be sure to throw some form of reading material in your travel bag.

4) Snacks and Water: Have you ever been trapped on a plane? Either because of delayed take offs or having to hover in the air or not being able to de-board a plane? In any of these circumstances flight service is often suspended. This has happened to me one too many times and I hate being hungry or thirsty. I always buy a bottle of water, albeit very expensive, in the airport prior to boarding and after going thru security (so you will not have to throw it away). Having snacks in your travel bag is great for road trips as well. Instead of having to stop at rest areas or gas stations, you can save time by throwing water, nuts, protein bars and/or fruit in your travel bag.

5) Travel Pillow: I will admit I do not always travel with a travel pillow. It depends on how long the flight is and whether it can fit in my travel bag. I appreciate airplanes with the raised side panels on the head area and even better taking international flights that provide a pillow and a blanket. Have you been on a flight only to keep waking up to your head bobbing all around? #embarrassing. Therefore, I am considering purchasing the Cabeau Memory Foam “evolution” pillow that shrinks down in size to its own bag! This is perfect for fitting it into your own personal travel bag.

6) Passport: The constant reminder to myself when traveling internationally to “remember to pack your passport” has left me with the idea to always include it in my travel bag. I recall a trip in which 

my Mother’s friend left her passport at home for a cruise and in attempt to go home and get it, she missed her flight and the cruise. I will also confess that I have this fantasy of being in an airport and taking a different flight from my planned destination or on my return home. In this fantasy I will look at the flight boards, pick a destination, buy a ticket and Go! If you have the same wanderlust tendencies as me-keep your passport in your travel bag.

7) Valuables: Please do not check your valuables in your suitcase! Besides your wallet, identification and passport I recommend keeping your camera, expensive jewelry and Ipad etc in your travel bag. I won’t even pack my Chanel sunglasses in my suitcase! If your luggage does not arrive with you or gets lost you have the peace of mind that you have your valuables with you.

I found this spacious Travel bag to be the perfect addition to my travel bags. It is large, has a cool blue interior and has a removable pouch which makes it almost two bags in one! It also has side interior pockets which I found useful for keeping things I needed frequent and easy access to including my boarding pass, receipts and checked baggage claim. Not only was it convenient for my plane ride, it also came in handy at the beach! The Tutilo feature tote held my bathing suite, sun tan lotion, water, sunglasses and more!

So tell me, what is in your travel bag? I hope you have found some of my items and tips helpful! Share your thoughts with us below!

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